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Kitten VIP Healthcare Plan

We will help take care of your furry friend from the very first day you bring them home. Getting a new kitten is so exciting and just as you want to do what’s best for your little one, so do we!

Our Kitten VIP Healthcare Plan will help you take the very best care of your new kitten right from the the very start of your relationship and will save you money in the process!

Join our Kitten VIP Healthcare Plan and know that you are doing the best for your new furry friend.

The Kitten VIP Healthcare Plan includes:

What's included

Initial course of Vaccinations                Health Check at 6 months               
Year’s supply of Flea Control              Year’s supply of Worming Control 
Microchip                                                Our favourite and 'funnest' cat toy 
10% off all other fees and services

Pay as you go


VIP Healthcare plan


Saving up to £135.66 a year | Costing only £13.50 per month

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