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Taking care of your senior pet

At Streatham HIll Vets we love taking care of our older pet patients as they are so full of character! 

Your pets age a lot quicker than we do, if your pet is over the age of 8 you may be surprised to know that they are regarded as “senior”. If your beloved pet is slowing down, losing weight or acting strangely, it may not be just because they are getting older. As they age it becomes even more important for you to keep an eye on your older friend and watch out for any changes that may indicate a developing health problem. 

Our experienced and dedicated vets are able to deal with sometimes complex and multiple conditions that accompany advancing years. Early detection of illness and disease is really important and we also have the equipment necessary to help diagnose and treat poorly pets as quickly as possible. 

There is so much available now for our older pets to help keep them comfortable throughout their twilight years!

Over the next few weeks we will be running an awareness programme to help our older friends stay fit and healthy for as long as possible. 

Fill out our survey below for a free senior pet health report.

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