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2014 Streatham Common Dog Show

Informative image: Dog Show stand

Thank you all so much for coming down to see us and taking part in the Streatham Common Dog Show

on Sunday the 7th of September 2014 with Friends of Streatham Common.

We had so many wonderful entries and fantastic winners from all of the classes.

To name but a few we had "Cutest Puppy" "Handsomest Dog" "Best Veteran" "Fancy Dress" and "Dog and Spoon".... 

The weather was an absolute scorcher and the sun was shining for everyone! We were all in such good spirits!

I hope you enjoyed some of our highlights, which included some very important judging with our vet Dane,

and the 7 Legged Race! Faye our Head Nurse was heading up the nursing team with

Vanessa and Dana who were giving out all the lovely treats and information at the stand. 

Sarah was busy taking lots of photo's of all the fun. We couldn't have done it without you all; you made the

whole thing such a huge success! We can’t wait to see you all next year…

Here are the results

Cutest Puppy

1st Prize Rosebud and Ciara

2nd Prize Polly and Kate

3rd Prize Ada and Pat

4th Prize Bumblebee and Jenny

5th Prize Bebe and Graham

6th Place Freddie and Caroline

Best Rescue

1st Prize Max and Sue

2nd Prize Shadow and Jon

3rd Prize Roly Poly and John

4th Prize Prada and Jean

5th Prize Monty and Moyra

6th Prize - not seen

Fancy Dress

1st Prize Shelley and Melanie

2nd Prize Olive and Fred

3rd Prize Pongo and Sandie

Prettiest Bitch

1st Prize Pearl and Margaret

2nd Prize Ira and Florentina

3rd Prize Honey and Janet

4th Prize Luna and David

5th Prize Lexi and Leanne

6th Prize Lexi and Ingrid 

Best Veteran

1st Prize Maple and Dee Dee

2nd Prize - not seen

3rd Prize Kumo and Sharon

4th Prize - not seen

5th Prize- not seen

6th Prize Mr Bear and Michelle

Dog and Spoon Race

1st Prize Olive and Fred

2nd Prize Shadow and Jon

3rd Prize Bruno and Ruth

Handsome Dog 

1st Prize Logan and Matthew

2nd Prize Cosmo and Thea

3rd Prize Otto and Michelle 

4th Prize Red and Hollie

5th Prize Buzby and Joan

6th Prize Charlie and Lucien

7 Legged Race

1st Prize Olive and Fred

2nd Prize Lilly Sarah and Jo

3rd Prize Willow and Tessa

4th Prize Mouse and Tracey

5th Prize Sukee and Arun

6th Prize


2nd Prize Cutest Puppy Polly                                              4th Prize Prettiest Bitch Luna                                                            1st Prize Prettiest Bitch Pearl

1st Prize Best Veteran Maple                                       3rd Prize Handsome Dog Otto                                                             2nd Prize 7 Legged Lilly

2nd Prize Fancy Dress Olive                                                               Our lovely doggy pals at play!  Great sun hat!          

3rd Prize 7 Legged Race Willow                                            Flap is all relaxed at the show                                                            Loving all the treats from the team!           

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