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2015 Perfect Pet Photo Competition

We are so excited to show you all our fantastic entries for our Perfect Pet Photo Competition, here we have our three wonderful winners and are all of our other fantastic entries.

Our 1st prize goes to the stunning Betty who's owner wins dinner for two at our lovely local restaurant Perfect Blend and some treats for Betty.

Our 2nd prize winner is the delectable Dotty who loves her favourite game of catch on the beach, and she can't wait to enjoy her bag of goodies very soon!

Our 3rd prize winner is beautiful Bunsen the rat, who has sadly passed away- but the owner is lovingly donating her prize bag of goodies to a rat rescue centre.

1st prize Beautiful Betty          2nd Prize Delectable Dotty   3rd Prize cute as a button Bunsen!

What do we think of this wonderful collection of photogenic furry friends we have?

Have a look at all of our fabulous perfect pet poses, and enjoy our gallery of fun!


1/ Rhubarb                                2/ Giotto                            3/ Giotto                              

Our 1st entry into the competition is the hilarious Rhubarb hanging upside down, having the best time ever!

Our 2nd entry is the very well travelled Giotto zipping around in the car..

Our 3rd entry is Giotto, back again, and getting around in style on the train no less..

Our 4th entry is Giotto relaxing at home after all that travelling!

4/ Giotto                                                 5/ Giotto                            6/ Olly

Our 5th entry is Giotto looking poised and ready for his well deserved dinner, he certainly built up an appetite!

Our 6th entry is the very demure looking Olly, quite content relaxing on his favourite spot on the

window sill, I think we're all quite jealous of how content he is...

7/ Ernie                                            8/ Erica                                                                                     9/ Giotto and Wong Choi

Our 7th entry is the big brother to Erica, Ernie, and he just loves to just snuggle up with his

favourite blanket, I think we can all safely say that's a very relaxing place to be...

Our 8th entry is Erica who, as little sister to Ernie, enjoys relaxing whilst having a stretch

and nose scratch...

Our 9th entry is Giotto with Wong Choi, relaxing on the sofa!

Our 10th-13th entries are the incredibly cute pictures of Winston, wow, check out that comfy slipper and those gorgeous eyes...

10/ Winston                                                                           11/ Winston

12/ Winston                                                                            13/ Winston

Our 14th entry is Mickie, he is having a chilled out time with his favourite blanket, and is enjoying a bit of R&R...

14/ Mickie                                                                                                  15/ Tally

Our 15th entry is Tally who just loves to run around  on a sandy beach, well wouldn't you with all this Spring weather?

Our 16th entry is the beautiful Fernando and Salvador, the best of friends wouldn't you agree?

16/ Fernando and Salvador                                                   17/ Mia

Our 17th entry is Mia, sitting pretty, and very pretty she is too!

18/ Mia                                            19/ Fudge

Our 18th entry is Mia, again looking dazzling with her close-up, truely gorgeous...

Our 19th entry is Fudge, an absolutely stunning ginger, look at that super stretch...

20/ Betty (1st Prize Winner)                             21/ Ruby and Tamla

22/ Bunsen (3rd Prize Winner)

Our 20th entry (and 1st prize winner) is Betty, such a beautiful pose, perfect for a real lady....

Our 21st entry is the stunning sisters Ruby and Tamla, look how prettty they are...

Our 22nd entry (and in third prize winner) is the sweetest picture of little Bunsen, how can you resist those eyes?

Our 23rd entry is the very dapper Tony, he can really strike a pose!

23/ Tony                                                                                                   24/ Tony

Our 24th entry is Tony striking more of those perfect poses and ready for his black tie evening!

Our 25th entry is Kaya, who is sister to Tony, is also giving him a run for his money with her perfect poses..

25/ Kaya                                              26/ Kaya                                   27/ Lilly

Our 26th entry is our friend Kaya again who just knows how well to work the camera...

Our 27th entry is little sister to Tony and Kaya, the very cute Lilly at 8 weeks old, who could resist such a sweetheart?

28/ Ozzy                            29/ Ozzy

30/ Ozzy                                 31/ Ozzy

32/ Ozzy                                     33/ Ozzy                                 34/ Cracker and Minnie Mouse

Our 28th -33rd entries are Ozzy and his many adventures, as you can see he wants to keep hold of that mouse

for as long as possible- no one is getting a look in! He also likes to brush up on daily news items on the ipad...

Our 34th entry is Cracker with sister Minnie Mouse, don't you think they make the perfect pair?

Our 35th entry is the very regal Princess who loves a good old stretch and takes it all in her stride..

35/ Princess                                 36/ Mason                                       37/ Mason

Our 36th - 37th entries are the very masterful Alaskan Malamute called Mason, he loves his walks, at at 7 months looks very handsome indeed...

Our 38th entry is Mina our black and white beauty, what an incredible close up don't you think?

38/ Mina

Our 39th entry is Molly who at 7 years of age loves snoozing on her favourite chair...

Our 40th entry is Molly again chilling quite contently on a very warm very blissful!

39/ Molly                                          40/ Molly                                         41/ Tiny

Our 41st entry is Tiny, sister to Molly and loves hanging out with super heros...who can spot one of them behind her?

Our 42nd entry is the delightful Poppy who cannot resist the lure of a dripping tap, and the opportunity to find a place to kick back and relax...

42/ Poppy                                                                                   43/ Harley and Lola                   44/ Ruby

Our 43rd entry is Harley and Lola, the best of friends, completely inseperable..

Our 44th entry is Ruby sister to Max and Woody and having a ball with her new play toy!

Our 45th entry is Max and Woody big brothers to Ruby and looking very cool together..

45/ Max and Woody

Our 46th entry is the very cuddly Suki, everyone loves a pug!

Our 47th entry is Badge playing a bit of hide and seek with his favourite sweet..

46/ Suki                                                    47/ Badge

Our 48th entry is Deiko enjoying one of his lovely daily walks...

Our 49th entry is how Deiko feels after his walk! Very rested and ready for a well deserved snozze...

Our 50th entry is Max having a good old time munching away at his favourite meal of the day...

Our 51st entry is Harper (left) and Tyler (right), best of pals and cute as a button!

48/ Deiko                                                                                   49/ Deiko

50/ Max                                                              51/ Harper and Tyler                   52/ Sesame

Our 52nd entry is the cute as a button Sesame! Posing just perfectly, what a star..

Our 53rd entry is Bugsy, our beautiful rabbit star happy being out and about in the great outdoors...

Our 54th entry is the very pretty Ariella, sister to the very handsome Atticus,  our 55th entry! Our 56th entry is

the delightful brother and sister duo together, who clearly love to spend quality time cuddling up to one another,

how sweet is that?...

53/ Bugsy                                     54/ Ariella

55/ Atticus                                                        56/ Atticus and Ariella

Our 57th entry is the very dapper, Tabby! Doesn't he look quite the handsome chap?

Our 58th entry is the beautiful Tiffany looking very content on blanket, you wouldn't believe she's 14 years of age?

57/ Tabby                                                                           58/ Tiffany

Our 59th and 60th entries are the delightful Diego - what a handsome chap he is!

59/ Diego                                                                                                            60/ Diego

Our 61st-65th entries are our gorgeous-faced ginger called Lennie, he came in to see us for a

teeth clean and look how stunning he is in these perfect poses...

61/ Lennie                                                          62/ Lennie

63/ Lennie                             64/ Lennie                                              65/ Lennie

For our 66th - 68th entries we have the very photogenic Hartley! He's such a good-looking boy...

66/ Hartley                                                                                             67/ Hartley

68/ Hartley

Our next two entries are two beautiful cats, both related and also both very cute!

Our 69th entry, Peekaboo Pikachu! Our 70th entry is pretty faced Lucky-Lo, you're obviously ready for your close up!

69/ Pikachu

70/ Lucky-Lo   

Our 71st- 76th entries are the very photogenic and nature loving Dotty (2nd prize winner)!  Doesn't she look fabulous catching her ball on the beach? 

71/ Dotty                                                           72/ Dotty

73/ Dotty                                                           74/ Dotty (2nd Prize Winner)

75/ Dotty                                                                                                 76/ Dotty

Our 77th entry is the curled up cutie Toshka, wouldn't we all love to be snuggled up like that?

Our 78th entry is the formidable Tilly Truffle who sadly passed away recently, very much missed!

77/ Toshka                                                       78/ Tilly Truffle

Our 79th entry is the delightful Pepe who loves a box or two at playtime, what cat doesn't?

79/ Pepe                                    80/ Henry                                        81/ Henry

Our 80th- 84th entries are Henry and his many poses! We particularly love the super-hero outfit!

82/ Henry                                       83/ Henry                          84/ Henry

Our 85th and 86th entries are Lua and Daemon. They are the most chilled out looking pets, and so happy!

Our 87th and 88th entries are the three sweet ratty boys Fitz Gus and Buck! They love to snuggle in their hammock...

85/ Lua                                                              86/ Daemon

87/ Fitz Gus and Buck                                   88/ Fitz Gus and Buck

Our next entries 89th-92nd are of the very handsome Max who loves dressing up with his ties!

Our 93rd entry is Shadow who loves playing with Bugsy!

Our 94th entry is a news-savvy feline, who likes to unwind with the local newspaper...

Our 95th entry is the sweet and sleepy Tilly who loves to relax in her favourite duvet...

Our 96th entry is the sleepy and very cute Dash! Wouldn't we all love to be curled up just like Dash?

89/ Max                                   90/ Max                                          91/

92/ Max                                     93/ Shadow

94/ Well-read cute cat! 95/ Tilly                                                                                     96/ Dash

Our 97th and 98th entries are more of the stunning Atticus! Looking very relaxed and poised...

97/ Atticus                                     98/ Atticus

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