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Life-saving and heart-warming stories

A very sticky situation for Fly!

Beautiful Fly came in to see us for her second post-op check after her life-saving operation the previous week. Our vet Emma had to perform very skillful and intricate surgery to remove a wooden kebab skewer that Fly had swallowed, after it had penetrated her stomach and abdominal wall!

Fly has recovered really well, and we will to continue to monitor her recovery closely. It's so important with the sunny weather upon us and barbeques being dusted off, that we're all vigilant at any outdoor parties, barbeques or picnics as all animals like to munch on tasty treats that are left around.

If you think your pet has eaten anything it shouldn't, please contact us immediately on 0208 674 3525.

Great one, Gatsby!

Here we have the very gorgeous, Gatsby! He escaped from his owner one morning when he went to have a little play around in the garden.

Luckily some builders working nearby found Gatsby and brought him in to the surgery to keep him safe. We managed to get in touch with his owner very swiftly as he had been microchipped, and as you can see he was very happy to have a cuddle the moment he was reunited!

If you haven't already had your pet microchipped, we can carry out this quick and painless procedure.

Call one of our team to book an appointment, or to ask any further advice on how to microchip your pet, on 0208 674 3525.

Unlocking surgical success

We performed laparospic neutering on our foster puppy, Rua. Using this key-hole method resulted in two very small wounds, which healed so much faster and caused less discomfort than the large incision required for traditional spay surgery.

We offer this special gold standard surgery for large breed female dogs. If you would like to find out more about the options for your pet, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0208 674 3525.

Rua received plenty of love (and treats) from the nurses whilst she recovered, and we're delighted that she now has a permanent new home!

Keeping an eye on our Annie

Meet Annie, she was first brought in with a corneal ulcer, which despite medical treatment, did not heal because we discovered that it extended deep into the cornea. We opted to perform a surgical graft - taking a flap of skin from the tissue surrounding the eyeball and covering the ulcer with it. The graft provides support to the weakened cornea as well as delivering an improved blood supply to aid healing. We are monitoring closely how well the ulcer has healed under the graft, and we are hopeful that Annie's vision will be restored.

Bless you Pepper!

Here is the lovely Pepper, a miniature schnauzer who was brought in because she was very unwell. She had lost her appetite, had begun vomiting, and then her owner had noticed a brown discharge from her vulva. Our vets decided to admit her for a thorough examination - we took some bloods and performed an ultrasound scan, which revealed that she was suffering from Pyometra.

Pyometra is a severe infection that causes the uterus to fill with pus, and in the most serious cases it may even burst. Therefore it is imperative that, like Pepper's owner, you contact us immediately on 0208 674 3525 if you suspect that your pet might have a pyometra.

Symptoms may include:

·         Discharge

·         Abdominal discomfort

·         Lethargy

·         Lack of appetite

Pepper's uterus was full of pus, so we had no choice but to perform a procedure called an ovariohysterectomy to remove both ovaries along with the uterus.

We're pleased to report that following surgery Pepper is now feeling so much happier, and much more herself.

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